Sunday Morning Special


Happy Sunday, everyone! What a crazy week it’s been. A few people on Twitter summed up how we all felt about the Boston situation Friday night pretty well, I think.

Thankfully, for me, this weekend has been a nice mix of activity (Friday morning yoga, Saturday morning barre) and splurges (brunch, afternoon sweets—recipe to come soon). Today, I have plenty of exercise ahead, as I’m taking part in a 6-hour training session to study up on teaching group fitness classes!

I’m filling up my water bottle and heading for the door, but I suggest that you grab a cup of coffee or tea and click through some links that caught my eye this week:

  • Save money—and calories—with this smart ground beef trick from Kristin at  Iowa Girl Eats. From the looks of her Smothered Sweet Potato Fries, you won’t feel like you’re missing a thing.
  • Let your race bibs and medals motivate you to stay on track with your training! Pavement Runner shows you how to create DIY displays for your wall.
  • Can you guess the secret ingredient in Sarah’s sneaky fudgey brownies that makes them dense and moist? Check out Ingredients of a Fit Chick for the unexpected but genius answer. Hint: It’s not beans (but I do have a dessert recipe that uses them!).
  • No matter how much you usually enjoy exercise, you’ve no doubt had those workouts that seem to just draaag on. Greatist has 16 ideas to help things speed along. A good soundtrack is really key for me.
  • Fitnessista (AKA Gina) asked a couple friends to offer a pro vs. con look at intermittent fasting, which has been in the news more lately thanks to The 8-Hour Diet. I think I’ll stick with eating when I’m hungry, but I’d love to know: would you consider trying this strategy?
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