Sunday Morning Special: Happy Father’s Day + Fit Girl Confessions


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially to my tax guru, golf pro and self-esteem-booster! Thank you for always being there (well, when you’re not on the fairway). :)

After you celebrate the holiday with your pops, or perhaps give him a call if you’re not nearby, check out these fit and fun reads:

  • If you’re still searching for a yummy brunch dish to whip up for dad, Ambitious Kitchen has the fix. How could you not want a plate of Monique’s scrumptious-looking banana pancakes?! You can feel good about serving up a stack since they are made with quinoa and whole-wheat flour.
  • Partner workouts rock because your buddy can keep you from bailing. Plus, research has proven that you push yourself harder when you’re competing against another person (in person or virtually). The Lean Green Bean’s Lindsay designed an ab-sculpting circuit that I can’t wait to try with a pal!
  • If you’re really ready to compete and try a tri, No Meat Athlete shares 22 helpful hints before you swim, bike and run. I swear by #11 in my running races, too!
  • “Perfection” is so relative and the quest for it can truly be a joy-zapper. I wholeheartedly agree with Roni’s reflections and am happy to hear about all of the life improvements she’s noticed by ditching the perfect mentality!
  • Another thing that’s making me smile: the confession trend sweeping the blog world. It’s all too easy to slip into the trap of comparing yourself to other bloggers…and then discovering that you don’t quite live up to their “perfect”. That’s why I’m loving the fun, honest posts on Lindsay’s List, in which she confesses that she’ll probably never eat Paleo (preach!), and Not So Plain Jane, detailing her hunky running motivation. What do you wish the world knew about you?

In other news,we got our official race photos from Dam to Dam this week. And yes, I’m sharing this gem with the world so we’re all on the same page that I am a total spazz:

Dam to Dam

Did I learn this dance move from dad? You be the judge. :)  (Photo courtesy of Jolesch)

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  1. Awww I’m loving the throwback photo of you and your dad – a very Happy Father’s Day to him! Hope he’s tearing up the course today. :) Great links, as always, but my goodness that race picture is AWESOME. You definitely earn the title of “ridiculously photogenic girl” to go with this guy:

    I mean it! Crazy awesome dance moves and all, that is a keeper. Thanks for sharing, Karla!

    • Dad actually had his second best round EVER today, Jenn! Your well wishes must have done the trick. :)

      I appreciate the sweet words, but you are ridiculous with that meme talk! Take my photo and turn up the photogenic notch about 100, then we’re talking Zeddie’s realm. He’s my dream running buddy, though. Ha!

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