Sunday Morning Special: Health Blog Round-Up


Happy Sunday, everyone! I’ve had a fun-filled weekend so far—Mom came to town and we enjoyed a nutritious vegan dinner, a traveling Broadway show, a trip to West End Salvage (can I please have one of everything for my apartment?) and a delicious brunch. Today, I’m participating in a fitness fundraiser and joining three others to complete a marathon relay on a treadmill. It should be the perfect, sweaty way to spend the afternoon on this snowy day.

I’m also launching a new (what I hope to be recurring) feature here on Healthful Bites: Sunday Morning Special! Some of my favorite bloggers recap their picks each Friday, and I consider these posts must-reads each week. But I say why let Friday have all of the fun? Think of this as a “Sunday paper” of helpful, hilarious or heart-warming news from the web, all rounded up in one place. Because who doesn’t look forward to some good reading before the week’s best meal: brunch?

  • Speaking of brunch, does anything sound better today than Carrot Cake Waffles? I didn’t think so. Thanks, Chocolate-Covered Katie!
  • Dinner = done. Tina rounded up her all-time favorite evening meals that she’s shared on Carrots ‘n’ Cake. The sweet potato crust pizza is just plain genius!
  • I’ve been getting into hot yoga a bit more lately, so I found this personality-yoga style match-up from Diets in Review particularly interesting. Which practice best fits your outlook?
  • If you missed it last week, check out Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s “History of Rap 4.” Prepare to laugh and dance along to hits like Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On” and Nelly’s “Must Be the Money.”
  • Up to 40 percent of personal happiness is under your control. Mizfit’s Carla makes a compelling argument for starting a gratitude journal—something I recently crossed off my bucket list. I’m already recognizing the benefits myself!

What did I miss? Share your good news in the comments so we can all catch up!

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  1. Such a great idea, Karla! And I am honored to be included in the first edition. :) Can’t wait to check out all of these other links, too. It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful weekend – Broadway Show, brunch and a fitness fundraiser? Doesn’t get much better than that. Hope the treadmill treated you well!

    • Thank you so much, Jenn! Congrats again on five amazing Eating Bender years!

      It sure was a fantastic couple of days. The treadmill relay was so much fun! Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well. :)

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