Sunday Morning Special: Healthy Halloween Treats + 10 Half-Marathon Tips

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It’s been an absolutely beautiful week here in the Midwest! After a chilly, drizzly Sunday seven days ago (which I celebrated by running outside, naturally), we have been treated to sunny days with temperatures around 70°. That’s my kind of fall!

On Friday, we had a fun office pumpkin-carving competition, and yesterday, I enjoyed an outing to a local concert and a new video game bar in town. Get this: They were playing American Gladiators on the TVs there! I ALWAYS wanted to be a challenger on that show. Can we bring it back? :)

I hope the conditions are lovely in your neck of the woods so that you can enjoy some time outside to wrap up your weekend! Before you do, check out some of my favorite finds from this week:

  • If you’re already experiencing Halloween sugar overload, SparkPeople has a still sweet and festive, yet not nutrition void, option: Candy Corn Popsicles! How great would these be with layers of flavored Greek yogurt in white, yellow and orange?
  • 13.1 miles is referred to as a “half-marathon” even though the races bring up a full load of tough situations. Alex of Alex Tries it Out (my awesome former college roommate!) shares 10 tips for your first half-marathon. Take special note of #7.
  • This lovely weather can’t last forever. Lee from Fit Foodie Finds has gathered 4 soul-warming soup recipes for when fall/winter rolls around. How comforting does that Roasted Tomato Soup look?
  • Disclaimer: This story is more for the soul than the body. I’ve been a fan of Humans of New York on Facebook for quite some time now, though I never knew the story behind the project. Be sure to check out Nightline’s coverage for details, especially if you’ve never heard of HONY before. The creator has a knack for discovering stories that will make you smile/cry/think. Seriously, this video is worth your 6 minutes!
  • Can you keep up with an NFL running back? After checking out Darren Sproles’ “Terrible 10″ treadmill routine, I’m positive I can’t. But we can all still mimic the 30 seconds on/30 seconds off (x 10) pattern at our own pace for a strength and endurance challenge!
  • Since slowly getting back in the swing with exercise, I’ve noticed several sore spots that point out that I’ve been favoring one side over the other. That’s why I can’t wait to try this 9-move routine from FITNESS that aids with body balance as I get back up to speed.

Soup? Halloween/other holidays? Specific sports match-ups? What are you looking forward to most this fall?

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