Sunday Morning Special: Only in New York


For the first part of this week, I was a New Yorker once again. True, NYC never felt like “home” to me, even when I lived there. But with so much to see and do, plus so many friends to reconnect with, it sure is one fun place to visit!

Today’s link round-up is inspired by my adventures during this particular excursion. Even if you can’t make the trip, you can experience a taste of the Big Apple!

  • Green juices are trendy across the country and one particular source, Juice Generation, is all the rage in the city. I had my first JG experience on Tuesday and loved “Hail to the Kale.” Thankfully, Well+Good NYC snagged the recipe from the chain’s founder himself! You can barely taste the vegetables—I promise. Now I just need to invest in a juicer…
  • That sip was a treat after a sweat-filled SoulCycle class. Attending at least one cardio party is a must during every trip to New York, I think! In case you can’t make it to a studio, FITNESS has a great explanation of the Soul method and routine you can do anywhere an indoor bike is available.
  • Compared to other regions of the country, classes and gym memberships can definitely get pricey in New York. Time and space are tight too. This at-home workout featured on Apartment Therapy is the perfect fix for all three of those problems! You need just seven minutes, a chair and about eight feet of open floor space.
  • One feeling that often eludes city-dwellers? Peace. That’s why Ashley of Travel with Castle’s post about creating a calm environment in the midst of all the action really hit home. The third item on her list is key in my opinion!
  • I didn’t have room in my schedule this time out, but I aim to make my way to Chobani Soho—mecca for Greek yogurt fans like me! In the meantime, I’ll try these mix-in formulas available at the shop to tide me over.

Where is your favorite vacation destination and what do you enjoy most about it?


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  1. I’m visiting NYC this fall … maybe I’ll have to pick up on some of your tips!

    • Yes! I HIGHLY recommend a SoulCycle visit, Alex, and do let me know when it gets closer to your trip so I can pass along more suggestions!

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