Sunday Morning Special: Speed-Boosting Scoop + How to Use Summer Fruit


Happy Sunday, all! We finally had a fairly dry week in our neck of the woods, so I was able to enjoy the sights on the walk to and from work. Have I told you how much I love living in an apartment within active commuting distance from work? I still drive on days when it’s stormy or when time is tight, but when I can swing it, walking to work is such a painless way to sneak in a couple extra thousand steps! By foot, by bike, by car, by public transportation…how do you get to work each day?

Since it’s the weekend, I’m kicking my feet up and catching up on my reading. Here are some stories that are worth a second look!

  • When fruit is in season, it’s tasty to eat sliced and unadorned. In case you’re looking to spice things up, though, Sensual Appeal rounded up a handy list of 100 uses for summer fruit. A slice of Frozen Raspberry Peach Pie does not look bad at all!
  • I have a not-so-secret love of Brian Williams (he’s my favorite newscaster), and find nearly every story on “Rock Center” fascinating. This one from Friday’s show is an absolute must-see, though. A fashion photographer has turned his lens on those with rare medical conditions in an attempt to redefine beauty. Worth watching just to see the smiles of his subjects after they realize that they can be and are absolutely stunning.
  • Enthusiastic Runner Jocelyn nails it with this post full of racing advice. I specifically relate to #2 on her list of speed-boosting factors!
  • Each time my friend Jenn posts about her Reading Between the Wines book club meetings, I want to jump into my computer screen and join the fun! The creative members share dishes inspired by the story they’re discussing. Along those lines, Diets in Review shares some ideas for anyone seeking some light summer reading, plus recipes related to the theme. Who wants to start a book club? Sad Desk Salad looks like a fantastic place to start.
  • “Once you realize it’s supposed to hurt, and once you get used to pushing through that discomfort, sometimes the pain actually feels good.” Alexis Grant tells us why making life changes, whether it involves starting a new job or picking up a running hobby, is not easy. But it is SO worth it.
  • I really enjoyed the team-building at a group work lunch at a local restaurant on Friday, but couldn’t help but think of how I could have made the same “southwest salad” at home for about $3 instead of $16. So Dietitian Debbie’s seven reasons to pack your lunch totally hit home! How often to you pack your midday meal?


The Rundefeated shirts have officially arrived from the printer and I’ve popped several in the mail to their new happy owners! If you’d like to rock one of these spiffy tees too, visit They’re mens shirts, so please take into account the roomy nature when selecting a size. Thank you all so much for your continued support of my Million Dollar Marathon efforts!

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  1. Thanks for including me in this fantastic list!! I also am obsessed with that Alexis article – I’ve read it a million times in the last couple of days.

    • Of course, Jocelyn—I appreciate the fantastic running advice, speedy! And I agree 100%. That is one powerful post.

  2. I too have a love for Rock Center and all things Brian Williams. The photography piece touched my heart. Few things make me smile more than people redefining beauty.

    • I agree, Kelly! Now I can’t wait to see the movie they mentioned that they were filming about the project.

  3. Thank you for including me, Karla! Lots of great links. :-) I will definitely be keeping that 100 uses for summer fruit post handy!

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