Get Lucky Workout + Playlist


Have you recovered from Daft Punk overload yet? After summer of 2013's "Get Lucky" vs. "Blurred Lines" debate, I'm still healing from the ear worm. :) It was awesome inspiration, though, while building my latest workout class playlist for St. Patrick's Day fun! From luck to money to magic, all of the tracks on the mix below will have you seeing green while you're training mean. Scroll down and flip on the 20-song mix, then crank out ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special: Happy Father’s Day + Fit Girl Confessions


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, especially to my tax guru, golf pro and self-esteem-booster! Thank you for always being there (well, when you're not on the fairway). :) After you celebrate the holiday with your pops, or perhaps give him a call if you're not nearby, check out these fit and fun reads: If you're still searching for a yummy brunch dish to whip up for dad, Ambitious Kitchen has the fix. How could you not ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special


Even though the calendar has said it's been officially spring for a few weeks now, it's finally beginning to feel like it weather-wise the past few days in my neck of the woods. (I think my prediction last week made it happen. :) ) To celebrate, I'm planning to head outside for my first non-treadmill run of the season later this afternoon! Yes, I admit that I'm a cold weather wuss when it comes to running. While I'm out, take a look ...continue reading

Paper Plate Fitness In the next video installment, I discuss how paper plates can do more than hold your food at a cookout. Check out my tips above, then head to the kitchen, grab your tools and try it for yourself! Let me know what you think if you do give it a shot. Try to keep your core braced/abdominals tight during all of the moves, especially the forward lunges and planks. Any suggestions for future video ...continue reading