Sunday Morning Special: Healthy Halloween Treats + 10 Half-Marathon Tips

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It's been an absolutely beautiful week here in the Midwest! After a chilly, drizzly Sunday seven days ago (which I celebrated by running outside, naturally), we have been treated to sunny days with temperatures around 70°. That's my kind of fall! On Friday, we had a fun office pumpkin-carving competition, and yesterday, I enjoyed an outing to a local concert and a new video game bar in town. Get this: They were playing American ...continue reading

Downward Dog Strength Variations A few years ago, it would be hard to get me into the yoga studio. I was one of those people who hadn’t given the zen workout a fair shake and thought it was too boring. But as I’ve gotten older (and wiser ;) ) I’ve realized how relaxing and restorative yoga can be. Just weeks ago, I attended my first hot power yoga class, and on Thursday I’m celebrating National Yoga ...continue reading

Extreme Lunges I adore a good lunge. They’re just challenging enough and target your major muscle groups while moving so your heart gets a workout too. Experts agree: One noted in a FITNESS Magazine article named the lunge as one of the top nine most effective toners since it hits your leg and butt muscles at the same time. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this super-strengthening exercise ...continue reading

Three Workout Moves For Better Balance Balance is crucial in your checkbook, your diet (as noted by the new MyPlate) and your body. That’s why today’s workout aims to help you improve your balance by working each side of your body separately! This will strengthen your muscles targeted by the strength moves and your core, all while helping you detect which half of your body needs a bit more attention than the other. Grab ...continue reading

Equipment-Free Strength Training This week, I have another terrific set of toners that require no equipment whatsoever! Your body weight acts as the resistance—which will feel like plenty after you get through a solid set of each. These moves build off basic strength exercises (the single leg squat, balancing table and tricep extension) and add a new dimension for an extra muscle challenge. All require core strength as well, so ...continue reading

Fitness On a Roll Too often, we—or at least I— focus on cranking out reps, working hard and getting the job done during exercise. So to add a little more fun in to process, try these three rolling-based moves. A couple even give a nod to egg rolls (the gym class kind, not the Chinese food!). For this well-balanced routine, you’ll just need a stability ball and a bit of open space… And the ...continue reading