Sunday Morning Special: Speed-Boosting Scoop + How to Use Summer Fruit


Happy Sunday, all! We finally had a fairly dry week in our neck of the woods, so I was able to enjoy the sights on the walk to and from work. Have I told you how much I love living in an apartment within active commuting distance from work? I still drive on days when it's stormy or when time is tight, but when I can swing it, walking to work is such a painless way to sneak in a couple extra thousand steps! By foot, by bike, by car, by ...continue reading

Magazine Bites

Since I have an unusual affinity for health magazines, I subscribe to nearly all of them. So here are the latest fitness, beauty and nutrition findings that especially caught my eye in July issues of my favorite publications! Cardio intervals not only jack up your calorie burn during the workout, but after, say FITNESS magazine experts noted in the July/August issue. So while you’re hitting the showers and traveling back home or to the ...continue reading

You Bet Your Buns!

Weighty Wager Gambling on cards, horses or football…that you’ve heard of. But weight loss? Yes, there are actually several online tools that help you stay accountable to yourself and others by putting money on it. Health experts have known for quite some time that sharing your goals with others increases success because of the added accountability and support—so that’s where the “broadcasting your weight ...continue reading