Mini Cauliflower Pizzas


Happy birthday, Mom and Dad! My parents were born (one year and) four days apart, so I spent this weekend celebrating with them before Mom's day tomorrow and Dad's on Friday. We had an awesome time seeing the movie Rush (+1 to Ron Howard and co. for casting Chris Hemsworth), and playing golf. And as an added birthday bonus, I developed a new "cupcake" recipe! As you might be able to guess from the photos so far, these aren't ...continue reading

26th Birthday Celebration: Running 26.2 Miles!


This past year was a memorable one, to say the least. I scored a shiny new half-marathon PR, finished my first (and second) running relays and reached my long-awaited goal of becoming a group fitness instructor. Away from the fitness world, I moved halfway across the country into an apartment I adore, was lucky enough to meet some amazing new friends, checked off a few items off my bucket list (starting a gratitude journal, joining a ...continue reading

A Birthday Bite: Lighter Funfetti Cupcake

As alluded to in my Music May post on Tuesday, my birthday celebrations didn’t end with just a playlist. (Thank goodness! That would be a sad day.) Among other fun activities during my birthday week like shopping, a super-awesome SoulCycle class and some out-of-the-ordinary meals, I baked up a sweet treat. This is a rarity for me—since I live alone and don’t often indulge in cakes, cookies, brownies, etc., I don’t have ...continue reading

Music May: My iTunes Greatest Hits

So far during Music May, we’ve had the boys take over the turntables, then the girl groups, and now it’s my turn. In honor of my 25th birthday today (trying not to go all quarter-life crisis on everyone!), I browsed through my iTunes library to pick out 25 of my most-played upbeat songs. The list packs a little bit R&B, a little bit rock and plenty of pop, and is a mix of tunes both old and new! I’ve definitely overplayed many ...continue reading

30 Before 30 Bucket List

Inspired by my friend Sam—and spurred on by my rapidly approaching 25th birthday (quarter-life crisis?)—I decided to create a “30 by 30” list! I’ve lived an incredibly blessed life. Yet, I’ve realized that it’s a bit too easy to fall into a comfortable routine during busy times. Hopefully this will inspire me to shake it up a bit more often! Here are two-and-a-half dozen to-dos that I want to tackle within the next five ...continue reading

Birthday Giveaway Winners!

Last Saturday, I posted a fun giveaway (with six winners!) to celebrate my birthday. We had many wonderful comments and entries on the blog and Twitter. Thanks to all who entered! After selecting the winners via, here are the results… As mentioned in the previous post, the first number drawn would receive the Workout in the Park prize pack. The winner: Shannon, with entry number six! Way to go Shannon :) Now there are ...continue reading