4 Greatest Hits in My Workout DVD Library

First of all, the wedding I mentioned in my last post was a smashing success! Amy and Joe looked so happy and in love, and I felt very blessed to be able to share in their big day. More on that in another post when more photos are ready, but for now, back to talking about wellness! New workout DVDs are released every week, meaning that a simple way to switch up your home workouts is always close at hand. Yet no matter how many DVDs I ...continue reading

The Biggest Loser Workout

In honor of The Biggest Loser’s season 8 premiere, I decided to review one of the brand’s workout DVDs. I’ve been a fan since the series first came on the air—something about the transformations, emotionally and physically, draws me in and keeps me coming back. While I am occasionally frustrated by the unreasonable standard (32 lbs. in one week?) that the show sometimes sets for those attempting to lose weight at ...continue reading