Perfect Post-Workout Meal: Tex Mex Vegetable Egg White Scramble


Breakfast for dinner was one of my favorite meals when I was growing up—and this continues to be the truth. Nearly anyone can prepare a crowd-pleasing spread in less than 30 minutes, plus, there's just something so comforting about a diner-like meal! But one of the best things about this strategy is that it's so simple to switch things up. Does one person in your family prefer pancakes over waffles? Just tweak the batter a bit and cook ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special: Health Blog Round-Up


Happy Sunday, everyone! I've had a fun-filled weekend so far—Mom came to town and we enjoyed a nutritious vegan dinner, a traveling Broadway show, a trip to West End Salvage (can I please have one of everything for my apartment?) and a delicious brunch. Today, I'm participating in a fitness fundraiser and joining three others to complete a marathon relay on a treadmill. It should be the perfect, sweaty way to spend the afternoon on this ...continue reading

Heart-Healthy Pancakes

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! The day, like no other, screams breakfast in bed. I’m a little too far from my Mom to whip up any of these for her this weekend, but maybe I can offer an I.O.U. and refer back to this post to make her a treat when I see her for my sister’s wedding in one month. Sidenote: So excited for Amy and Joe—yay! As you know, I’m not the most inspired cook in the kitchen, but enjoy learning from ...continue reading

Playing Tourist in NYC

As mentioned in my last post, my sisters and a couple of their pals were in town this past weekend! Between walking all around town and chatting up a storm, we had a few little adventures. I finally remembered to tote my camera along with me, so I chronicled some of the fun via pictures! One of the evenings, we went to the musical/rock opera American Idiot, based off of the Green Day album by the same name. Very different from the ...continue reading

Top Five Tips to Build a Better Brunch

While brunch seems to be a phenomenon mainly enjoyed in larger cities, the concept is quite popular across the country. No longer relegated to just Mother’s Day and Easter, brunch out on the town is a fun way to celebrate days that you don’t have to work or go to school. Eat a meal at a restaurant in the mid-morning or early afternoon? Don’t mind if I do!  But just because this meal has a name that combines two other ...continue reading