“Better Than Paula Deen” Doughnut Burgers


Paula Deen's had a rough year. I don't  mean to beat her while she's down, especially because she does seem like an entertaining, humorous lady, but this recipe is leaps and bounds better than one of her most-discussed recipes! Have you heard of "The Lady's Brunch Burger"? She introduced the word to the fried egg-topped bacon burger served between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts (whoa!) in 2008 and shocked the country with the ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special: Dinner, Dessert and a Tank Top Workout


We're finally, frighteningly, approaching the "destination" of my wild Million Dollar Marathon journey—just seven days now! My training has been limited due to some nagging injuries, so thank goodness I'm able to split up the 26.2 into two or three different outings over the course of the day. My three key goals for the week: water, sleep and trying not to stress. :) I'll be back a little later this week with my latest kitchen ...continue reading

News to Nosh On

Since Good for you news has been bumped from the rotation the last few weeks due to my schedule, I decided to make this weekend’s post a mash-up of eats and news. Ready for a few bites of edible intelligence? Away we go! Ray vs. O’Neal In a match-up of two juggernauts from their respective fields, Rachel Ray and Shaquille O’Neal faced off this week on the show “Shaq vs.” to see who could make the most ...continue reading