Awards Show Workout Game: No Equipment Required!


With the People's Choice Awards last Wednesday and the Golden Globes tomorrow, it's safe to say that red carpet season is in full swing! Considering I'm a music, movie and Project Runway junkie, these events are pretty much mandatory viewing in my book. The surprisingly eloquent speeches, the entertaining performances, the beautiful's all good! What's not so good: Sitting on the couch for more than seven hours straight. ...continue reading

Timesaving Treadmill Workout (Just in Time for the Holidays!)

This time of year more than ever, many of us are searching for ways to carve out a few extra minutes in each day. One way to do so? Condensing your workouts by ramping up the intensity so you can get the same sweat in less time. This week’s treadmill workout requires you to pick up the speed a bit more than past plans, but that means you’ll be done sooner—more time for shopping, schmoozing or snoozing, right? If you need a ...continue reading

Three Double-Duty Exercises Can someone please explain how it’s almost September already? It feels like summer just started. Or is it just me? Like the calendar days, weeks and months; minutes can fly by too. All of a sudden it’s 9 p.m. and you haven’t had a second to think about working out, let alone make a trip to the gym! That’s why a time-efficient workout is crucial. If exercise doesn’t ...continue reading

Fit to Be Square We all know the benefits of a well-balanced, square meal. So today, I have a workout that’s based on the quadrilateral! Grab a medium-heavy set of dumbbells, a jump rope if you have one and want to use it and a bit of open space and get ready to sweat and sculpt. The first two moves will also challenge your most important muscle: your heart! While performing the lateral raises, keep your core ...continue reading

Lat and Oblique Tighteners With little black dress season in full swing—happy holidays, by the way!—it’s a perfect time to remember to tighten and tone your sides! Plus, it’s never too early to keep your sights on warmer weather clothing seasons :) This workout focuses on fighting bra bulge and love handles by strengthening your lats and obliques. While you can’t really spot tone, you can ...continue reading

Chop Your Way Fit Had a rough day in the classroom, office or in front of the computer? No better way to let off a little stress than to sweat it out! And another reason to try these moves on a hectic day: They incorporate chops, which are almost as good as punches to knockout stress :) Grab a medicine ball or dumbbell for the side chop rotations—and for the rest all you need is a good pair of sneakers. But ...continue reading