4 Free Ways to Make a Difference After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has been big news nationwide, among the fitness community (due to the New York City Marathon—click for an awesome read related to the cancellation) as well as the general public. There’s not much left to be said…except that if you didn’t catch Rock Center this week, I highly recommend checking out this video for more on the topic. It’s heartbreaking but very important. As a resident of NYC for two ...continue reading

Five Fab Tips From This Month’s Magazines

You all know that I adore my magazines, especially one certain one :) So today we’re gathering one fascinating fact from each of the five big health and fitness-minded magazines that hit my mailbox every month. Here are a few pointers to make your workout more effective and your diet better for your body… Bypass the gym or park water fountain, if you can, for a bottle of H2O with finely crushed ice when the weather is extra ...continue reading