Sunday Morning Special


Even though the calendar has said it's been officially spring for a few weeks now, it's finally beginning to feel like it weather-wise the past few days in my neck of the woods. (I think my prediction last week made it happen. :) ) To celebrate, I'm planning to head outside for my first non-treadmill run of the season later this afternoon! Yes, I admit that I'm a cold weather wuss when it comes to running. While I'm out, take a look ...continue reading

Healthy Chain Reaction: Panera Bread’s Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad

All of the colors! My Mom and I were shopping the day of my sister’s wedding and needed to grab a quick lunch in the mall food court. Since both of us prefer more nutritious eats, we skipped the greasy Chinese and fried fast food joints and placed our orders at one of my favorites, Panera Bread, instead. The cafe scored bonus points for allowing us to escape the food court for a comfy booth in a less hectic atmosphere! Having heard ...continue reading

Take a Grill Pill

Longtime readers may have seen this coming…First I shared some delicious grilled recipes for Memorial Day, then bemoaned the fact that I had no equipment to cook this way after enjoying a grilled meal at a restaurant that specialized in the method. So I decided to invest in a pan so I could treat my meat (and fruits, veggies, bread, etc.) to some grate cooking too! (Puns make me almost as happy as they make Anderson Cooper. :) ) I ...continue reading