Awards Show Workout Game: No Equipment Required!


With the People's Choice Awards last Wednesday and the Golden Globes tomorrow, it's safe to say that red carpet season is in full swing! Considering I'm a music, movie and Project Runway junkie, these events are pretty much mandatory viewing in my book. The surprisingly eloquent speeches, the entertaining performances, the beautiful's all good! What's not so good: Sitting on the couch for more than seven hours straight. ...continue reading

The Home Workout That Improves Your ABCs

On a frigid day, it’s not very pleasant to head outside for a walk or jog or even scamper to and from the car on the way to the gym! That’s why this home workout is awesome—you can stay warm and since it’s so compact, you can also fit it in nearly any time. And since the holiday season is so busy, it’s a good time to go back to basics—like with your ABCs! I call this my “ABC Workout” because the ...continue reading

The Next Level Circuit Let’s call this the “Next Level Circuit” since we’re taking the circuit concept we’ve had fun with before to elevated areas with a step bench! After about five minutes of warming up, try these cardio, strength and core moves and finish off with a five minute cooldown. Complete this routine in addition to your regular workout once or twice each week (or in place of a ...continue reading

Strength Circuit: No Equipment Required Circuit training is a fabulous, quick way to build an effective workout. Move through several exercises in a row to keep your heart rate up and your body working, but without exhausting one muscle group. You’re rotating through muscle groups and targeting different areas, so while your triceps are working, your abs, chest and back are mainly resting; while your abs are feeling the burn, ...continue reading

“Whip It” Circuit Workout Here’s the first of hopefully many video bites for your health! I’m going to try to post my “first take” for a couple of reasons: many times it will be purely comical and it will also show my mistakes—which could be your missteps or foibles too. Who doesn’t feel imperfect after getting schooled by the hyper-polished DVD fitness instructor? Today, I highlight ...continue reading