Help Me Select My Half-Marathon Outfit!

*Crossing fingers* that this stays true, but the weather for Sunday’s MORE/FITNESS Half-Marathon is looking glorious. A high of 70°? Perfection! Now that I have a pretty good idea of the conditions, I’m preparing my gear for the day. I’d love your help making the final call for my outfit! Here are the constants for my race day wardrobe: Under Armour sports bra Nike headband Mizuno Wave Enigma sneakers Fuel Belt And the ...continue reading

Helly Hanson tank

Inspired by Jenn’s recent first fashion-related blog, I decided to do mine as well. (And thanks to Maddie for the great post idea!) As anyone who knows me can attest, I’m not a huge fashion plate, since my favorite attire is a nice exercise outfit. Not only is it the comfiest—for me at least—but the proper clothing can also make working out more enjoyable. Doesn’t thinking about donning your fantastic new top on the ...continue reading