Slow-Cooker Italian Vegetable Soup


Welp, Punxsutawny Phil has spoken and it looks like this bitterly chilly winter will be six weeks longer (if you believe the folklore). A reasonable anecdote for that cold news: comfort food! My Slow-Cooker Italian Vegetable soup is soul-satisfying without being belt-busting. Rather than pasta or brown rice, this recipe swaps in cauliflower "rice," making each bowl gluten-free, vegan and packed with nothing but nutritious vegetables. ...continue reading

Cleaning Up, Chowing Down

Spick and Span…and Shame? We all know that hand washing is important—it’s been practically drilled into us since, well, we were born. Yet some still skip the sink on their way out of the bathroom. Scientists have been studying how to influence everyone to suds up before leaving the loo, and they seem to have uncovered the best tool: embarrassment. To correspond with Global Hand Washing Day (today, October 15!) research ...continue reading