Kitchen How-To: Preparing Spaghetti Squash

As much as I really enjoyed the spaghetti squash marinara dish at Ruby Tuesday, it was a bit of a bummer when the check came—it was about $12 on the lunch menu, I believe. I figured that was the price to pay to avoid the tedious prep work of the squash, so it was worth it. But soon after my review went live, my sister Sarah left a comment saying that spaghetti squash isn’t as hard to cook as I thought. The competitive side of me ...continue reading

Tiny Kitchen Tour For today’s Good for you Eats, I turned the spotlight on my kitchen—literally. After requests from a few readers, I whipped out my camera for a brief tour of my humble cooking area! (Apologies in advance for the potentially dizzying camera work.) As you can see, among other things, my fridge is a happy home to plenty of Laughing Cow, Egg Beaters, salad mix, onion, apple slices, ...continue reading

Best Shows for Kitchen Inspiration

You could say that my love for cooking shows began with the original incarnation of “Iron Chef.” Back in the early years of the Food Network and my junior high days, the Japanese game show was a weekly mainstay in my TV diet. This fascination was sparked, in part, by the fact that I would soon be taking Japanese in high school to fulfill my language credits and you could hear both the English and Japanese translations of the ...continue reading

One Sweet Side

Vitamin A-packed sweet potatoes make an appearance on many Thanksgiving tables, most likely in a sugary, marshmallowy dish or a pie that doesn’t much resemble a sweet potato anymore. But these orange root vegetables make for tasty eats all year long. Personally, I enjoy sweet potatoes baked whole or sliced into oven fries. What a delicious and nutritious substitute to the fast food staple! When I stumbled upon this recipe in ...continue reading


Who hasn’t eaten pasta from a blue box or a bowl of my childhood favorite, Velveeta Shells and Cheese?  Well, my tastes have changed in the past ten years or so, and I can’t even remember the last time I ate Macaroni and Cheese. More than the flavor, I’m turned off by the usually heavy cream-filled sauce that is a saturated fat mine. When I saw Fiber Gourmet reviewed online, I kept an eye out at the grocery store (it ...continue reading