A Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich Health Upgrade!

They say everything is better with chocolate. This guy sure seems to think so! I don’t know if I could jive with chocolate-covered broccoli or a chocolate, ham and cheese sandwich, but I can surely get behind chocolate and beans. Huh?! Oh yes, chef Rocco DiSpirito coaxed me out of my savory+cocoa fears and I’m not looking back. I’ve seen many sweet recipes using mashed up chickpeas across the blogosphere, but ...continue reading

A Birthday Bite: Lighter Funfetti Cupcake

As alluded to in my Music May post on Tuesday, my birthday celebrations didn’t end with just a playlist. (Thank goodness! That would be a sad day.) Among other fun activities during my birthday week like shopping, a super-awesome SoulCycle class and some out-of-the-ordinary meals, I baked up a sweet treat. This is a rarity for me—since I live alone and don’t often indulge in cakes, cookies, brownies, etc., I don’t have ...continue reading

Trim Your Table: Thanksgiving Sides Mega Recipe Round-Up

Let the countdown begin: Thanksgiving is less than one week away! While it seems like most people have their protein of choice set (be it turkey, a vegetarian option or even a turducken!), sides are generally more flexible territory. Thanksgiving is a special day and it’s more than OK to indulge on occasion, but you can also still make some nutritious choices with all of the same flavors if you and your guests prefer! I scoured ...continue reading

Just Peachy! Recipes To Try For National Peach Month

Whether it’s fuzzy or skinless, dripping with juices or still slightly crisp, there’s a peach out there for any palate—especially with the plentiful crop available during August, National Peach Month! I recently stocked up during a sale at Whole Foods, and headed to my computer as soon as I got home to research fun recipes…after slicing one up A.S.A.P. and eating it unadorned! While I haven’t been able to whip any ...continue reading

YOUR Arctic Zero

The brains behind the site My Arctic Zero and the fantastic products I reviewed last week spotted my not-so-subtle request for a reader giveaway. And this is one of those very gratifying times that prove the saying “ask and you shall receive!” Arctic Zero’s Garrett was kind enough to contact me and offer to send one of my readers a six pack of the brand new Pumpkin Spice flavor that is just hitting store shelves ...continue reading

New Freezer Find: A Creamy & Nutritious Treat!

Hungry Girl first hyped me to Arctic Zero. “You’re telling this guilt-free frozen treat fiend that she can have a protein-packed pint for about 150 calories? Sign me up!” I thought. But little did I know that Arctic Zero would prove to be as illusive as finding the real arctic in Iowa. ;) After seeing a mention on another blog recently about Arctic Zero, I decided to plug in my new haunt in the location finder on the AZ ...continue reading