Meatless Monday Dinner: Pizza Polenta Parfait


Have you ever eaten polenta? Prior to this kitchen experiment, I'd only had it as a side while eating out. Polenta is just cornmeal cooked into a paste with water or stock, which can be eaten as-is or baked, fried or grilled. You can find it in grocery stores in tubes or make your own from boxed cornmeal. It's a versatile side since it can take on the flavor of whatever you prepare it with. It's surprisingly light, too! ...continue reading

Top 13 Healthful Bites Posts of 2013


Happy almost 2014! I hope you all are enjoying wonderful, relaxing celebrations with family and friends. A couple days after my holiday party, I drove to my hometown to see my parents and sisters and to bake, eat, read, relax, join Mom for some workouts, watch movies (go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!) and unwrap all sorts of running-related gifts. My family knows me well! I've also had fun clicking back through old blog posts ...continue reading

Playing Tourist in NYC

As mentioned in my last post, my sisters and a couple of their pals were in town this past weekend! Between walking all around town and chatting up a storm, we had a few little adventures. I finally remembered to tote my camera along with me, so I chronicled some of the fun via pictures! One of the evenings, we went to the musical/rock opera American Idiot, based off of the Green Day album by the same name. Very different from the ...continue reading