Opening Up About Anorexia


A few things that made my week: 1. A new initial necklace to replace the one my parents bought me for Christmas that lasted all of two weeks before I dropped it down my sink drain. #clumsybeyondcompare 2. More than 150 of you participated in my Spartan Race giveaway! Congrats to KM Loove—the lucky winner. I'll be in touch today with the code for your free entry! Don't forget that everyone can score 15% off any 2014 Spartan Race ...continue reading

Personal Story: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

As National Eating Disorders Awareness Week draws to a close, I wanted to write a brief post to spotlight this important topic. In case you’re a new reader, eating disorders are very close to my heart! I’m not shy about the fact that I struggled for a few years with anorexia back in my late high school/early college years. Thanks to amazing family support, a great psychologist and some determination (believe me, it was not ...continue reading