Top Five Tips to Build a Better Brunch

While brunch seems to be a phenomenon mainly enjoyed in larger cities, the concept is quite popular across the country. No longer relegated to just Mother’s Day and Easter, brunch out on the town is a fun way to celebrate days that you don’t have to work or go to school. Eat a meal at a restaurant in the mid-morning or early afternoon? Don’t mind if I do!  But just because this meal has a name that combines two other ...continue reading

Doctor-Approved Way to Start the Day

I do like green eggs and ham! And I believe Dr. Suess would also approve this new Karla kitchen creation. (My sister, an emergency room resident, gives it the thumbs up too!)  This simple, quick breakfast wrap is perfect for those who prefer a savory and salty breakfast to the several sweeter options presented before on Healthful Bites. I developed this recipe to celebrate the upcoming Irish event: St. Patrick’s Day! So I name this ...continue reading