The Ultimate Endurance-Boosting Treadmill Workout

The bad news: The group fitness instructor training that was supposed to take place this weekend was postponed due to an instructor injury. The good news: I guess I’ll have something to look forward to in early 2013! AND that gave me time to try out a new treadmill workout. Since I moved this summer, I’ve become somewhat of a running snob. Either that, or I had O.D.’d on the treadmill during my time in New York. I ...continue reading

A Male P.O.V.: Gettin’ Fit

Today, I’m happy to share with you a guest post from someone with a bit of a different perspective than I do about the wellness world! My dad Bob, a mechanical engineer and avid golfer, recently made his foray into structured gym exercise. Since I’m not nearby to hear the day-to-day stories about his gym time, I wanted to learn more about how he felt about the experience and asked him to share his story here on Healthful ...continue reading