Sunday Morning Special: Long-Lasting Produce + Hard Home Workouts


Good morning, sunshines! How have you been? Besides jamming to my new go-to playlist, I had another week full of busy work days, doctor check-ups and new-to-me adventures, including a baseball game, a restaurant week outing and a super-fun wine and cheese party. I've found that keeping my social calendar booked has been key to keep my mind off my injuries and the fact that I can't be as active as I would like. Plus, it's good for the ...continue reading

Crispy Zucchini Fries


Fair season is here! In fact, the big Iowa State Fair kicks off on Thursday. Despite living in the state for my entire life (minus two years), I attended the state fair for the first time last year. Not to stereotype, but I think that I can sum it up in about five bullet points: Farm animals The largest gathering of cowboy boots I've ever seen north of Tennessee Rides for the kiddos Concerts, most often by country ...continue reading

Summer Squash Pasta Toss


When I was growing up, my favorite restaurant order was chicken nuggets and fries. Brown and brown, with a side of red (ketchup). True story: I'd eat this nearly every day. Thankfully, my tastes have expanded a bit as I've grown. This is especially good news now during the summer since I live very close to one unbelievable farmers market. I took full advantage of that fact this weekend and was inspired by all the bright colors to ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special: Summer Produce Edition


As you might have been able to tell from my last two recipes, I'm on a bit of a produce kick. When it's so fresh and flavorful (not to mention right in my backyard each Saturday), how could I not? So today, I rounded up 6 dishes to add to a summer fruit and vegetable recipe bucket list. I must try these before the ingredients go out of season! Join me? Just genius. Serve your favorite berries in an ice cream cone for an edible ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special


Happy Easter, everyone! I'm up in the Twin Cities with my parents visiting my sister, Amy, and her husband, Joe, for the weekend. As you can see above, we've enjoyed some fun family time (yes, friends, I'll finally know what you're talking about when you refer to Settlers of Catan) and tasty meals. Bonus: It's starting feeling like spring is here to stay. *Crossing fingers* To celebrate, let's check out some warm-weather-friendly ...continue reading

Farmers Market Ratatouille

Hello again! Where did we leave off? Oh yes! I toted home a huge selection of fresh produce from the farmers market and was brainstorming ways to put it to good use. My first thought: some variation of a stuffed pepper. But then I remembered a beauty of a recipe that I had pinned a few weeks ago with the aim of using it as inspiration for my own version of the dish. And, coincidentally, I had pretty much everything I needed on hand. ...continue reading