Better Than Bagel Bites: Mini Pita Pizzas


My go-to elementary school eats may have been as colorful as the ingredients above, but those colors certainly weren't natural. The "cool" after-school snacks came out of a box. Pop Tarts, Better Cheddars (anyone else remember those?!), Fruit Roll-Ups, you name it. Or what about Bagel Bites...those perennially popular mini pizzas that are marketed as "wholesome," healthy choice, yet somehow contain high fructose corn syrup and 15% ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special: What’s YOUR Healthy?


Is anyone else finding it hard to believe that this is our last Sunday of summer? It might have something to do with the fact that it's just now feeling slightly fall-ish outside here, but it's still a hard fact to wrap my mind around! Summer is ending with some good news and some bad news for me. The good: I've had several wonderful weekends in a row, including a hometown visit over Labor Day with a local 5K charity walk. I followed ...continue reading

Four Tailgating Recipes for “Vegetarian Awareness Month”

Tailgating usually means a few things to people: Meaty chili, beer, maybe some nachos or burgers. But if you surround your fellow fans with nutritious eats, they’ll be able to enjoy the food while focusing on the plays (or pregame fun) rather than worrying about their waistlines. And if you offer some hearty meat-free dishes, you’ll be sure that no guest gets stranded with just chips and salsa or a reheated freezer-burned ...continue reading

Twisted Treats

Are you ready for some football? As we speak, the Pro Bowl is commencing and in one week, the Colts and the Saints will face-off for the National Championship! So what does that have to do with health, you ask? Well, with Super Bowl parties galore, the snacking landscape can be a minefield for diet disasters. Pizza bagel bites, cocktail weenies or chips and dip anyone? It’s certainly OK to splurge every so often, as we discussed ...continue reading

You’re Getting Warmer!

Chili makes me a bit nostalgic; it was one of my Mom’s go-to dishes for dinner. Strangely, we’d always have chili with carrot sticks and cinnamon rolls because that’s what my Mom’s elementary school offered with chili at lunch! Despite usually being packed full of nutritious goodies (fiber, protein, iron), chili can easily be a sneaky calorie concealer. Nonetheless, there are a few recipes, orders and methods to ...continue reading