Crispy Zucchini Fries


Fair season is here! In fact, the big Iowa State Fair kicks off on Thursday. Despite living in the state for my entire life (minus two years), I attended the state fair for the first time last year. Not to stereotype, but I think that I can sum it up in about five bullet points: Farm animals The largest gathering of cowboy boots I've ever seen north of Tennessee Rides for the kiddos Concerts, most often by country ...continue reading

My New York City Casual Dining Awards

Red carpet season has officially wrapped—congrats to the big winners The Artist, The Descendants, The Help and Adele! I love the awards show circuit so much that I thought that I’d extend it a bit on my own by celebrating a few of my recent favorite New York City casual food favorites. Whether you’re looking for an side order, entree or dessert, I nominate these items for your consideration! Best Baked Fries: Energy ...continue reading

One Sweet Side

Vitamin A-packed sweet potatoes make an appearance on many Thanksgiving tables, most likely in a sugary, marshmallowy dish or a pie that doesn’t much resemble a sweet potato anymore. But these orange root vegetables make for tasty eats all year long. Personally, I enjoy sweet potatoes baked whole or sliced into oven fries. What a delicious and nutritious substitute to the fast food staple! When I stumbled upon this recipe in ...continue reading