The Scoop About The Lite Choice

When I was interning in the City last summer, I tried to make the rounds to various restaurants to try the offerings. Of course, New York is famous for the pizza, pretzels and cupcakes, but there are plenty of other goodies to discover. I chronicled my ten favorite places that I had visited over the summer on this blog before moving back to the Big Apple, and the folks over at The Lite Choice discovered themselves on my list!  Claudia ...continue reading

Nutritious Small Town Eats

During my quick trip home to Iowa this week, I set out for one dinner at a local haunt to show that you can dine in a place that’s not Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc. and still get a healthful meal. It’s not quite as easy, as health food restaurants aren’t in every neighborhood, as they may be in larger cities. But you can find places with nutritious offerings alongside all of the buffets, hearty diners and fried ...continue reading

Taking a Bite out of Baltimore

As everyone reading knows by now, I spent last weekend in Baltimore livin’ it up at Fitbloggin. The seminars at the conference were helpful, the food was tasty and the company was fantastic! Here’s a brief overview of some of the bites I took and great people I met while soaking up the sun in Maryland… When I hopped on my plane from Chicago, I saw someone sitting right in front of me with a notebook with ...continue reading