Thumbs Up: Coupons, Thumbs Down: Commercials

Blame It On the A-a-a-ads OK, let’s get the bad news out of the way first…commercials can increase obesity rates in youth. Interestingly, the total amount of TV children watched had little effect. But the more advertising the small fries see during that TV time, the more likely they are to be overweight, UCLA researchers found. Children generally squirm and wiggle around while watching the tube, so they can rack up a bit of ...continue reading

Prep in a Flash, Save Some Cash! (Part 2)

Pineapple, the golden, odd-shaped, almost ornamental fruit is another produce item that can baffle consumers. That must be why there are products out there that promise easier pineapple dissection (at upwards of 20 or even 40 dollars!) like this and this. But there’s no need to be intimidated by this tropical delight. After you get the hang of taking the peel off and chunking the fruit, the process will be speedy and save you some ...continue reading

Prep in a Flash, Save Some Cash! (Part 1)

One thing that calls my name nearly every time I step in the grocery store? Pre-cut produce. It’s so much simpler to grab a tub full of peeled, sliced kiwi; washed, de-stemmed berries; or sliced watermelon than to cut these items myself. However, I am my frugal mother’s daughter and can’t let myself take the easy route out if I can save a few pennies (or dollars at times!) Following that concept, I decided to dedicate ...continue reading


Who hasn’t eaten pasta from a blue box or a bowl of my childhood favorite, Velveeta Shells and Cheese?  Well, my tastes have changed in the past ten years or so, and I can’t even remember the last time I ate Macaroni and Cheese. More than the flavor, I’m turned off by the usually heavy cream-filled sauce that is a saturated fat mine. When I saw Fiber Gourmet reviewed online, I kept an eye out at the grocery store (it ...continue reading