Slow-Cooker Italian Vegetable Soup


Welp, Punxsutawny Phil has spoken and it looks like this bitterly chilly winter will be six weeks longer (if you believe the folklore). A reasonable anecdote for that cold news: comfort food! My Slow-Cooker Italian Vegetable soup is soul-satisfying without being belt-busting. Rather than pasta or brown rice, this recipe swaps in cauliflower "rice," making each bowl gluten-free, vegan and packed with nothing but nutritious vegetables. ...continue reading

Superfood Pizza (Vegan + Gluten-Free!)


Happy National Cheese Pizza Day! The bad news: The day ran away from me and it's most likely too late for you to actually celebrate on the holiday. The good news: This pizza recipe has cheese and so much more. Like what, you ask? A serving of vegetables hiding in the crust, 15 grams of fiber and more than three times as much vitamin A as you need in a day (for a dose of superpowered eyesight!). Oh yes, and it's also ...continue reading