Fitness On a Roll Too often, we—or at least I— focus on cranking out reps, working hard and getting the job done during exercise. So to add a little more fun in to process, try these three rolling-based moves. A couple even give a nod to egg rolls (the gym class kind, not the Chinese food!). For this well-balanced routine, you’ll just need a stability ball and a bit of open space… And the ...continue reading

Fun Butt and Thigh Toning Exercises We’ll keep it short and sweet with today’s post and let the moves do the talking! Grab one medium-weight dumbbell, a chair (or something sturdy to lean on) and a little free space for these three exercises that will strengthen your legs, glutes and calves. They’re fun new spins on the classic lunges and calf raises that will bring variety to your lower body toning routine. ...continue reading

Show Your Lower Body Some Lovin’ First off, congratulations to Healthy Happier Bear Ashley, who is hopefully even happier now! selected her as the winner of the Blogiversary giveaway. Please email or Twitter DM me your address and I will get your goodies in the mail. :)Next, we’re back with a new video! These three moves are perfect for targeting and strengthening your lower back muscles. And the exercises are ...continue reading

Lower Body Blast: Ankle Weights For the next edition of Lower Body Burn (try part 1 here!), grab a set of ankle weights if you have them. If not, feel free to give the moves a shot with no equipment—you’ll still feel the burn :) Target your hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings with these fantastic moves done on all fours! This video is a bit longer, but completely worth it for a toned lower half. It’s important ...continue reading

Lower Body Blast: Stability Ball Introducing Lower Body Burn, Part 1! One of my YouTube video viewers requested more lower body strength moves, so I decided to create a month-long series dedicated to just that—the legs and glutes. It’s like a lower body strength DVD for free! Hey Acacia, Lionsgate, Anchor Bay…I’m free if you’re looking for new fitness DVD hosts ;) Let’s get to work on the ...continue reading