30 Before 30 Bucket List

Inspired by my friend Sam—and spurred on by my rapidly approaching 25th birthday (quarter-life crisis?)—I decided to create a “30 by 30” list! I’ve lived an incredibly blessed life. Yet, I’ve realized that it’s a bit too easy to fall into a comfortable routine during busy times. Hopefully this will inspire me to shake it up a bit more often! Here are two-and-a-half dozen to-dos that I want to tackle within the next five ...continue reading

Scratch the Resolutions

I’m what you could call somewhat anti-resolution… (Image from Said A Online) Something about the diet-centric, quick solution-search rubs me the wrong way, but I do like the idea of trying to make your life more like your personal ideal! I try to live life aiming for my goals throughout the year. Now that I’m a part of this lovely blog community, I figure I can use this platform to make some plans/goals I have public, ...continue reading