Vanilla Maple Nectarines


Peach fuzz might be cute on the boys of One Direction. But in my snack bowl? No thanks. So when I'm feeling less-than-willing to peel my fruit, I opt for nectarines—the hairless cousin of the peach. I spotted these beauties on sale for 99 cents a pound this weekend at the grocery store and set out to put them to good use in a new dessert. And a grill pan was invited to the party! I've never grilled fruit before, but why should ...continue reading

Take a Grill Pill

Longtime readers may have seen this coming…First I shared some delicious grilled recipes for Memorial Day, then bemoaned the fact that I had no equipment to cook this way after enjoying a grilled meal at a restaurant that specialized in the method. So I decided to invest in a pan so I could treat my meat (and fruits, veggies, bread, etc.) to some grate cooking too! (Puns make me almost as happy as they make Anderson Cooper. :) ) I ...continue reading

Healthy Restaurant Review: Dogmatic NY

When I mention summer dining, what dishes come to mind? Perhaps ice cream, watermelon, corn on the cob or a burger or dog hot off the grill? Living in a studio apartment that lacks a Weber (or any place to keep that useful cooking tool), nearly all of my grilled eats are sourced from restaurants. Earlier this week, I was feeling in the mood for something new for dinner, craving something grilled and had been considering stopping by ...continue reading

Grill While You Chill This Holiday Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend! First of all, thank you to all who are serving and who have served our country. Your sacrifices are much appreciated! Second of all, who’s ready to head outside to enjoy some amazing summer weather? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing a bit of cabin fever due to a wet spring. But the past few days of sun and warmth have pepped me right up and inspired today’s recipe ...continue reading