Taste Testing 3 New Whole Foods Finds

I hope you all had a wonderful Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa! As the clock ticks closer and closer to 2013, many are setting resolutions to sweat more and make wiser diet choices. I’ve mentioned before that I’m more of a fan of goals throughout the year, not just on January 1, but anything that’s a catalyst for healthier choices gets a green light in my book! As many are stocking their kitchens with more nutritious ...continue reading

Four Ways to Save Dough on Food

We’ve talked a bit in the past about ways to save money on fare, but today I want to dedicate an entire post to a few cost-saving tips that I’ve picked up living in and visiting various cities in the past year or so! As an individual living on a budget, it can seem daunting to eat healthfully and inexpensively at the same time. The truth is, it can be a bit difficult! (And at times, I convince myself that I’d rather ...continue reading

Why It’s Healthy NOT to Make the Bed!

Skip the Hospital Corners Slipping back the covers and sliding your toes under the securely-tucked and properly-made bed sheets is an inviting thought—way more so than a sloppy pile of blankets! But researchers at Kingston University in the U.K. have proven that tiny dust mites find made beds more appealing as well. Apparently, having neatly stacked and tucked sheets makes the bed environment cooler and damper for the bugs, which ...continue reading

Seriously Time for Some Shut-Eye

Sleepless in Seattle (or Elsewhere) With Daylight Savings Time launching early Sunday morning—hooray for more post-school/post-work sunlight!—the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has deemed March 7-13, 2010 National Sleep Awareness Week. When the clocks roll back one hour, everyone loses an hour of treasured sleep. So the NSF uses this time every year to highlight the importance of hitting the hay. How are your sleep ...continue reading