Your Healthful Hints (April 9)

It’s been far too long since I shared some breaking research-related tips, so today, I’ve brought along three simple pointers to make your life healthier in a hurry! Watch your salt intake when stressed. Higher concentrations of salt in the body lower stress hormones and raise levels of the “love hormone” oxytocin, says research in the Journal of Neuroscience. So we naturally seek out foods high in the seasoning to ease our anxiety. ...continue reading

Your Healthful Hints (Holidays!)

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season so far—I know that I am! Here are three quick info bits to keep you thinking healthy, even when traveling, baking or busy: 1. Lighten up your holiday cookies. Baking up some cheer in the kitchen? Tanya Zuckerbrot shares her tips to slim down your recipes without losing the taste on That’s Fit. Classic sugar cookies or snickerdoodles are made more healthful using part whole-wheat ...continue reading

Your Healthful Hints (November 16)

I know time’s at a premium for you too these days with the holidays (amazingly!) right around the corner, so let’s get right to it. Here are your three quick tips for a healthy week! 1. Drink a glass of H2O. Whether you’re looking to avoid a parched mouth or want to simply stay hydrated from the inside out, sipping on plenty of water is a great idea. And new research reported in The New York Times says that the old ...continue reading

Your Healthful Hints (November 8)

Since I’m anything but on a schedule with my blog lately, I wouldn’t be interrupting by tossing in a new feature, right? I’m hoping to offer “Your Healthful Hints” weekly or biweekly as quick, distinct action steps you can take to live a more wellness-filled life. Away we go! 1. Hit the weights before you get your flu shot. This is not new research, but I stumbled across these findings while web searching ...continue reading