Slow-Cooker Italian Vegetable Soup


Welp, Punxsutawny Phil has spoken and it looks like this bitterly chilly winter will be six weeks longer (if you believe the folklore). A reasonable anecdote for that cold news: comfort food! My Slow-Cooker Italian Vegetable soup is soul-satisfying without being belt-busting. Rather than pasta or brown rice, this recipe swaps in cauliflower "rice," making each bowl gluten-free, vegan and packed with nothing but nutritious vegetables. ...continue reading

Pizza Pasta Stuffed Peppers


Sure, you've had peppers on your pizza. But have you ever had pizza in your peppers? My Pinterest feed has been full of Mexican-inspired stuffed pepper recipes, which got me thinking: why not go Italian? Not only is this fresh, nutritious meal full vitamin C and very low in sodium, but it's also super-filling, vegan and totally customizable with your favorite "toppings." Pizza Pasta Stuffed Peppers Serves ...continue reading