Tunes That’ll Make You Sweat

Tunes That'll Make You SweatAs suggested on Twitter daily, here are some of my pick workout songs from the last year! Instead of listing all of my workout song picks in an iMix, I’ve selected some of my favorites for a more manageable amount. Click on the link above (the title of this post will take you to iTunes) to visit my latest iMix full of bouncin’ beats to keep your exercise routine moving! Are any of these songs among ...continue reading

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Podcast

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy PodcastIf you haven’t had a chance to catch my first radio interview, you can take a listen here! Simply click on the title above and hit the play button at the top of the page that opens. Or scroll down and subscribe to the Podcast to have new episodes delivered to your iTunes every week! ...continue reading

My Workout Tunes iMix!

My Workout Tunes iMix!As promised to all my Twitter followers out there, here is a present just for you (and all of my lovely blog readers out there)! Follow the link to see all of my recommended workout songs, as of 9.9.09, compiled in one place for easy downloading. Find any new jams to download? Have any suggestions for your favorites that aren’t yet on my list? ...continue reading