Five Fun Facts from October Magazines

Phew! Just made it in time to still post these before the month is up :)  Here are the juiciest nuggets that you may have missed from this month’s health magazines! If you’ve attempted to change your diet but have had trouble sticking to your plan, it may be time to consider arranging your environment so that it’s easier to make more healthful choices. A few expert portion control tips from SELF magazine: 1. Divide ...continue reading

Tiny Kitchen Tour For today’s Good for you Eats, I turned the spotlight on my kitchen—literally. After requests from a few readers, I whipped out my camera for a brief tour of my humble cooking area! (Apologies in advance for the potentially dizzying camera work.) As you can see, among other things, my fridge is a happy home to plenty of Laughing Cow, Egg Beaters, salad mix, onion, apple slices, ...continue reading

Your Must-Have Kitchen Equipment

Hi friends! Please bear with me while I take the next week off from blogging. As my amazing friend Jenn has taught me, sometimes it’s more important to live life rather than write about living it! The next few days will be filled with furnishing my apartment (get ready Ikea), touring my new neighborhood as well as working (and getting Internet in my apartment—only six more days!) All of the walking and lugging around big bags ...continue reading