My Picks: Top 7 Stretches for Runners

With race day less than one week away, thoughts turn to recovery and preparation. Hopefully, the training that I’ve been able to fit in with my injury-altered schedule has been enough to cross the finish line on Sunday! No matter how much running, cross training and strength training I’ve been able to finish, beating myself to the ground this week won’t help me finish any faster. :) So this week, I have a few short runs ...continue reading

Sculpt a Pippa-Like Booty Do you remember all the hubbub about Pippa Middleton’s behind after the royal wedding? The much talked about body part currently has nearly a quarter million “likes” on Facebook and has become one of the most requested “butt models” in recent months, plastic surgeons say. But I think that anyone can have an awesome bum, especially if they include consistent cardio ...continue reading

Spice Up Your Squats Who doesn’t desire a tighter back side—especially around swimsuit season? Today I have three moves that are spin-offs of the basic squat, which is a surefire tush toner. The first exercise incorporates balance while dynamically stretching and is a great warm-up move before any cardio or strength routine. And the following two offer additional sculpting powers due to time-saving compound ...continue reading

Butt-Blasting Exercises There are some times—in fact many times—in which you’re without a pair of dumbbells, but still want or need to get in a strength session. That’s exactly why I’m sharing these three butt-blasting moves today! And don’t you worry, toning your booty can come in more forms than the simple (yet super-effective) squat. Simply find a bit of free space, a stair or small step and ...continue reading

Round Out Your Workout I often focus on a particular body part or piece of equipment, but for the next few videos, we’re trying something new by going shapely. Today, I’m sharing three moves that are circular. Grab a light- or medium-weight pair of dumbbells and get ready to stretch, tone your core and shoulders and strengthen your lower body. Keep those dumbbells in hand for the lunges when you’re ...continue reading

Exercises for Hot Hips Now that we stretched out those hips, let’s strengthen them! Today I have four exercises that challenge the hips, thighs, glutes and even involve a little oblique action. You don’t even need any equipment! Just lace up your shoes and join in the lower body toning fun. By the way, the dance-based move is an attitude not an arabesque. Oops! (Told you it was a while since ballet class! ...continue reading