Top Hip Flexor Stretches Today’s video is pretty self-explanatory and highlights my favorite hip flexor stretches. These three feel divine after too much desk work or post-workout soreness! [Changing gears…] Can you believe this is the 200th post on Healthful Bites? Well it is! To honor the occasion—and thank you all for being awesome readers and sticking with me with my sporadic posts—I’m hosting a ...continue reading

Envy-Worthy Thighs and Butt Whether you’re an apple or a pear (or neither) these three exercises for your hips and thighs will be a great addition to your routine. Simply grab a mat if you’re on a hard surface and a stability ball, and get ready to feel the burn! If you’re looking for an even greater challenge, strap on a set of ankle weights—as long as you can keep good form. Did you know that ...continue reading

Fun Butt and Thigh Toning Exercises We’ll keep it short and sweet with today’s post and let the moves do the talking! Grab one medium-weight dumbbell, a chair (or something sturdy to lean on) and a little free space for these three exercises that will strengthen your legs, glutes and calves. They’re fun new spins on the classic lunges and calf raises that will bring variety to your lower body toning routine. ...continue reading

New Lower Body Strength Challenge Having strong stems is important for your everyday activities, keeps your metabolism humming (thanks to those large muscle groups) and, of course, makes your legs and booty look great in a pair of jeans. Today, I have three new exercises that will strengthen your lower body, even without weights. Check out the video for: Plies with heel lifts Curtsy lunges One leg sit and stands (a lot harder ...continue reading

Show Your Lower Body Some Lovin’ First off, congratulations to Healthy Happier Bear Ashley, who is hopefully even happier now! selected her as the winner of the Blogiversary giveaway. Please email or Twitter DM me your address and I will get your goodies in the mail. :)Next, we’re back with a new video! These three moves are perfect for targeting and strengthening your lower back muscles. And the exercises are ...continue reading

Lower Body Bosu Blitz Join me in my new gym today with a new piece of equipment! You’ve probably seen the Bosu (both sides utilized) around the gym or on shows like The Biggest Loser. Have you tried it out yourself yet? It’s a fantastic tool for both strength training and cardio. Back in school, I took a cardio class based on knee-ups, hopping and kickboxing-style moves on the Bosu. Today, we’re ...continue reading