Sunday Morning Special + Bestowed Box Giveaway


Happy Sunday! I've spent a lovely, relaxing weekend celebrating my parents' 32nd anniversary (!) after a fun week that included an outdoor concert, a work outing to the Iowa State Fair and plenty of walks to enjoy the picture perfect weather. Hopefully those walks will turn into runs soon after my podiatrist appointment on Tuesday! We'll get to the purpose of the picture above soon. First, here are some links that caught my eye ...continue reading

Stress: Take a Chocolate Chill Pill

Whether you’re a student with semester exams looming or someone who is feeling the full effect of the hectic holidays, stress can build up quickly this time of year (I know I’ve been feeling a bit)! Well, a few recent health findings can help to put your stress into perspective, as well as give you tips for how to alleviate some! Makes me Want to Pull my Hair Out! After examining hair samples of ancient Peruvians, scientists ...continue reading