My 10 Commandments of New York Living

I’ve learned so much during my last two years as a New Yorker. Walking around town, climbing the subway stairs and carrying your groceries all count for exercise, clearly. Always, always hit the restroom before leaving home or work! SoulCycle is either a rather pricey fitness class or a really cheap therapy session. It’s all about the way you look at it (and if you’re in Danny’s class, it’s well worth it ...continue reading

Movin’ On Up In place of the usual good for you news post, please enjoy this rousing rendition of “Moving On Up!” Since I’m working on gathering up my things and getting my affairs in order to move into my first “big girl” apartment, I figured this song would be fitting :) Wishing you all a very healthful few days. I’ll see you from my new apartment!(Source: ...continue reading

Running on Through…

Today’s post has been pre-empted due to moving, a marvelous new job and other busy things! (Too bad one of those things as been a sore throat all week. What a great welcome present.) I’ll be back this weekend with a food-related post for all to enjoy :)  What a view! (Picture from my time in the city last summer. I promise I will be better about snapping pictures for an album this year in the coming days.)In the meantime, take a look at ...continue reading