March Madness Playlist + Snacks


Happy March Madness! For a sports fan like me, this is the most wonderful time of the year besides Christmas. I'm a sap for the fun, family time and general good cheer! Back to the point at hand: The 64 teams are now set and hit the courts beginning today! In honor of their athletic prowess and the bass-pumping music that gets the crowds even more into the action, I designed a playlist so we can all sweat right alongside the tournament ...continue reading

2014 Grammy Nominee Playlist


With the weather hovering at or around 0° several days during January, I've been trying to divert my attention from the chill and keep warm by sweating through hot yoga classes and the circuits that I teach at work. Another welcome distraction for an admitted red carpet junkie like me? Awards show season! I fused those two ideas and designed a workout playlist for Friday's AMRAP plyometrics workout that included only the hottest of ...continue reading

Half-Marathon PR Playlist


Happy December! (Can you believe it's the last month of 2013? Me neither.) I hope you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving! I've grown to love running tune-free when I have a fun training buddy to chat with or when my body is feeling great and I'm "running" on all cylinders. ;) But when my muscles start to burn and my brain starts to wander, not much can beat a powerful, fast-paced playlist. One researcher compares the impact of a good ...continue reading

Spring Training Playlist

Happy first day of Spring! I'm hoping that along with the new season, we'll experience some new weather trends. It's been in the 30°-range all week so far here—how's it feeling in your neck of the woods? Whether you're sweating indoors or out, this hour-long playlist will keep you moving. It's a mix of songs I jammed to on Ragnar (long overdue recap coming soon!), some new discoveries since then and a few older favorites. For ...continue reading

Weekend Fun: 5 x 5 Fall Facts

It’s the weekend! After a challenging couple weeks (I’m fighting another tendinitis-like issue and a cold—both a bit frightening with my race one week away!), I thought it was time to relax. Through the blogging grapevine, I spotted this fun 5 x 5 idea, in which you answer five lighthearted questions with five answers each. The “about me” post was originally shared by Lauren at Oatmeal After Spinning, and I ...continue reading

Long Run Mix

Last weekend, I conquered my first 10-mile race. One of the best parts about trying a new distance? Automatic PR! I was a little nervous making the long run jump from eight to 10 miles, but couldn’t say no to an event that started about four blocks from my apartment that benefited a great cause. While I’m nowhere near the fastest in the pack, I am decent at keeping an even pace throughout the race, and was happy to clock in at 1:28:39. ...continue reading