New Playlist: Dance Through 2014!


Happy first day of 2014! As you might know, I'm not huge on resolutions—I prefer setting goals, intentions and adding things to my life rather than taking them away (why stress about omitting gluten when you're not intolerant)? More power to you if they work for you, though! This year, my main goal is to try something completely new each week. That adds up to 52 never-done-before activities by this time next year! I'm excited to get ...continue reading

Health News Lightning Round

The world of health news has been a tad slow as of late, with what seems like the majority of research and news outlets taking a holiday hiatus. Nonetheless, I am here to share with you some (hopefully) enlightening wellness facts today! I sifted through some choice recent health magazines and picked out some of my favorite scientific findings to share with you, my dear readers! Here are some fascinating findings that will help you start ...continue reading