Sunday Morning Special: Only in New York


For the first part of this week, I was a New Yorker once again. True, NYC never felt like "home" to me, even when I lived there. But with so much to see and do, plus so many friends to reconnect with, it sure is one fun place to visit! Today's link round-up is inspired by my adventures during this particular excursion. Even if you can't make the trip, you can experience a taste of the Big Apple! Green juices are trendy across the ...continue reading

4 Free Ways to Make a Difference After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has been big news nationwide, among the fitness community (due to the New York City Marathon—click for an awesome read related to the cancellation) as well as the general public. There’s not much left to be said…except that if you didn’t catch Rock Center this week, I highly recommend checking out this video for more on the topic. It’s heartbreaking but very important. As a resident of NYC for two ...continue reading

My 10 Commandments of New York Living

I’ve learned so much during my last two years as a New Yorker. Walking around town, climbing the subway stairs and carrying your groceries all count for exercise, clearly. Always, always hit the restroom before leaving home or work! SoulCycle is either a rather pricey fitness class or a really cheap therapy session. It’s all about the way you look at it (and if you’re in Danny’s class, it’s well worth it ...continue reading

I stopped in at the Nutropolitan Museum of Art yesterday after receiving an invite to the event and seeing it discussed in several city papers earlier this week. How could I not, once I heard that everyone in attendance would take home a free jar of Peanut Butter & Company PB and better yet, that jar would be matched by one jar donated to the Food Bank for New York City?! While at the “museum,” I snapped a few photos of ...continue reading

Pop-up stores near Central Park.

As evidenced by the packed New York City streets—well, even more packed than usual—the city that never sleeps also never stops being a great tourist destination! In case you can’t make it this season, I took an active walking day around town (that’s my fitness-y angle ;) ) to capture snapshots of the festive decorations. So even if you’re not fighting the crowds near the Rockefeller Center tree, or its ...continue reading

NYC Health & Fitness Tweet-Up!

Yesterday, I joined a few of my e-pals for lunch at a Manhattan organic restaurant, GustOrganics—finally meeting the amazing people I chat with on Twitter or speak with on their blogs! The conversation flowed as well as the water does at a get-together of healthy living bloggers. ;) We discussed our own fitness plans, the proposed changes to the Weight Watchers plan (two of the tweeters actually attend the same Weight Watchers ...continue reading