Playing Tourist in NYC

As mentioned in my last post, my sisters and a couple of their pals were in town this past weekend! Between walking all around town and chatting up a storm, we had a few little adventures. I finally remembered to tote my camera along with me, so I chronicled some of the fun via pictures! One of the evenings, we went to the musical/rock opera American Idiot, based off of the Green Day album by the same name. Very different from the ...continue reading

Holiday…It Could Be So Fine!

Am I just a total child of the ’80s, or did you catch that Madonna reference? Just popping in to say sorry I’ve been so M.I.A. lately. I’ve been booked with all sorts of exciting things, and have also spent the past few days preparing for some special visitors this weekend—my sisters and a couple of their pals! Since I’m going to be busy hosting and having a blast, I won’t be posting (although at the ...continue reading

Should you Try Macro Eating?

On Thursday after work, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Danielle for dinner at SoHo’s Souen restaurant. Danielle and I first met while we both interned at Fitness last summer, and more recently reunited as roomies at Fitbloggin’! She is now keeping busy with a fantastic internship at a unique company and she always has great stories to share. So was the food at Souen, a macrobiotic restaurant, as good as the ...continue reading

Your Must-Have Kitchen Equipment

Hi friends! Please bear with me while I take the next week off from blogging. As my amazing friend Jenn has taught me, sometimes it’s more important to live life rather than write about living it! The next few days will be filled with furnishing my apartment (get ready Ikea), touring my new neighborhood as well as working (and getting Internet in my apartment—only six more days!) All of the walking and lugging around big bags ...continue reading

Top Ten NYC Restaurants (That I’ve Been To…)

This weekend, I decided to compile restaurant reviews from my last blog, Health and the City, for the latest good for you eats post. Last summer, I used Health and the City to chronicle my time in the concrete jungle interning at Fitness Magazine. So why am I aggregating these on Healthful Bites, you ask? I’m packing for a move back to NYC because I’m starting my new full-time job at Fitness on Wednesday! Despite the stress ...continue reading