Get Lucky Workout + Playlist


Have you recovered from Daft Punk overload yet? After summer of 2013's "Get Lucky" vs. "Blurred Lines" debate, I'm still healing from the ear worm. :) It was awesome inspiration, though, while building my latest workout class playlist for St. Patrick's Day fun! From luck to money to magic, all of the tracks on the mix below will have you seeing green while you're training mean. Scroll down and flip on the 20-song mix, then crank out ...continue reading

Awards Show Workout Game: No Equipment Required!


With the People's Choice Awards last Wednesday and the Golden Globes tomorrow, it's safe to say that red carpet season is in full swing! Considering I'm a music, movie and Project Runway junkie, these events are pretty much mandatory viewing in my book. The surprisingly eloquent speeches, the entertaining performances, the beautiful's all good! What's not so good: Sitting on the couch for more than seven hours straight. ...continue reading

Five-Minute Gym-Free Workout

After weeks of gym cardio workouts, I thought it was time to offer an option for those who prefer to exercise at home, outside—really anywhere that isn’t full of fitness equipment! So here is a fun routine to sneak in on even the busiest of days to get your blood pumping. You could even try it during a couple commercial breaks during your favorite TV show! Or if you have a bit of extra time, repeat this a few times with a quick ...continue reading

Three Tabletop Strength Training Variations A tabletop is more than a place to eat—it’s also a super-effective tush and tummy toner! Today’s workout includes three variations on the reverse tabletop. To get in the base position, sit on the floor with knees bent toward the ceiling, feet on the floor and hands resting on the floor behind shoulders. Then simply lift up your core so that your body forms a straight (or nearly ...continue reading

Exercises for Hot Hips Now that we stretched out those hips, let’s strengthen them! Today I have four exercises that challenge the hips, thighs, glutes and even involve a little oblique action. You don’t even need any equipment! Just lace up your shoes and join in the lower body toning fun. By the way, the dance-based move is an attitude not an arabesque. Oops! (Told you it was a while since ballet class! ...continue reading

Lower Body Floor Routine A toned lower half will look bangin’ in your summer shorts or bathing suit this summer ;) While cardio and strength training are both crucial to achieve the muscles you want, these three moves will certainly help sculpt the muscles in your legs, glutes and even lower back! Remember to keep your abdominal muscles tight throughout these moves to support your lower back—it can take a ...continue reading