Sunday Morning Special: 7 Healthy Pizza Recipes + Your Perfect Yoga Workout


Excuse the dorky photo—I just can't contain my goofy smile. I'm back! Not just after a week away from the blog, but back to running. You read that right! After an excellent physical therapy session on Thursday, I was given the green light to try to run again. I went out for a short, jog with no music, no phone, no watch and no buddies on Friday to just tune in to my sore spots (if they popped up) and listen to my footsteps. After 10 ...continue reading

Three Reasons (Plus One Recipe) to Try Apples

Fall is rapidly approaching, and that means a new set of seasonal produce will soon be hitting stores and farmers’ market stands! One of my fall faves? Apples. So here are three reasons why you should include an apple a day (or a few times a week) to your diet. 1. It’s National Apple Month! There’s no better way to celebrate the more than 7,500 varieties of apples worldwide than by noshing on one. Check out the ...continue reading

Peanut…Hold the Butter?

Hello again! I missed you all—hope all of my American friends enjoyed a family- and fun-filled Thanksgiving (and hope the rest of you just had a relaxing end to your week)! Today, I’m highlighting another food product I enjoy: powdered peanut butter. It may sound completely strange to those of you who have never heard of it, but perhaps after this brief introduction, you’ll be looking for it on store shelves near ...continue reading