January 2013 Workout Playlist

Well hello there! My apologies for the hiatus. A big blog makeover is in the works here! But while that’s brewing, why not share my current workout playlist? It’s packed with plenty of cheesy pop, a bit of rap and some dance music. Press play above to stream the mix on Spotify, or download them individually on iTunes below. Discover more of my greatest playlist hits here. “Troublemaker,” Olly Murs, ft. Flo Rida “On Top of the ...continue reading

Top 12 Workout Songs of 2012

In an attempt to get with all of the 12/12/12 frenzy yesterday, I had a “Top 12 Workout Songs of 2012” playlist all set to go. Unfortunately, I ran into a few technical difficulties (thank goodness I’m planning to switch to Wordpress during my holiday vacation!), so I decided to take the tracks for a spin instead. Now I can vouch for the fact that this playlist rocks—it powered me through a 25:30 5K last night. I’ll take it after a busy ...continue reading

Long Run Mix

Last weekend, I conquered my first 10-mile race. One of the best parts about trying a new distance? Automatic PR! I was a little nervous making the long run jump from eight to 10 miles, but couldn’t say no to an event that started about four blocks from my apartment that benefited a great cause. While I’m nowhere near the fastest in the pack, I am decent at keeping an even pace throughout the race, and was happy to clock in at 1:28:39. ...continue reading

Kicking Off Music May: Best of the Boy Bands!

If you’ve been reading for a bit, you know that I believe there is no such thing as too much workout music. A new playlist instantly motivates me to hit the gym—almost as much as a cute new exercise outfit! That’s why I’m declaring this “Music May,” and will share a themed playlist every Tuesday this month to keep us all moving. To get things started, I was inspired by the recent boy band resurgence to ...continue reading

The Halfway to Half-Marathon Pick-It-Up Playlist!

I’m one of those people who, after they download a good new running album (David Guetta!) or craft a fun playlist, put it on repeat for every workout for the next month. That’s not just me, right? Eventually, the thought of listening to any of the songs once more drives me up the wall. But the beats are so motivating and the tunes are so catchy, how can you not play them until you O.D.? Knowing this about myself, I’m ...continue reading

Confidence-Boosting Half-Marathon Training Playlist

As you know, I’m very new to the endurance event training world—beginning this week in fact!—so I can use any advantage I can get. :) So I recently picked out several songs that not only pack motivating beats, but also inspiring lyrics (which complement my weekly “quotes to consider” well!). This 38-minute playlist, which should be about ideal to power me through a four-miler plus a quick warm-up and cooldown, will ...continue reading